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I think everyone knows that I have a love/hate relationship with Noro. I have expounded vociferously about Noro on a number of occasions. Yet…

IMG_4055-001It started again when our stock of Noro sock yarn went on sale. Between my employee discount and the discounted shelf price, I simply could not help myself. I was powerless against the deep, saturated and enigmatic color of Noro. So, I picked up enough for the Kauni Cardigan I’ve been wanting to make. This pattern is intriguing. I’ve always wanted to try working two skeins of effect yarn against each other. I’d looked at Regia Effect (among others), but was not smitten with the colorways as I was with the Noro.Kauni

In the past, I’d worked with the worsted weight Noro Taiyo and was frustrated by the weaker, under-spun areas. It kept shattering. I kept swearing. And I feared that the Taiyo Sock would be the same. Not so! I don’t know if it’s the addition of nylon (although, now that I look, I find that the worsted weight contains nylon as well) or what, but the Taiyo sock is proving to be strong and resilient, if a little demanding tension-wise. So far so good! And, it’s definitely all I hoped and dreamed of as far as color is concerned. 

Altogether, a spell-binding knit!

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