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Habu Textiles

Though we are plunged in the depths of winter, I am enjoying a breath of spring. In a word, Habu.

I believe that Lovely Lesley at Rosehaven Yarn Shop is one of the few purveyors of these delicate fibers in many miles. I’d yarn-tasted a bit of this line during a demo a couple of years ago but, until now, had not had the pleasure of working an entire project.  I’m lucky to be participating with Rosehaven at the Spring CreativFestival where we’ll be doing some knitting demonstrations. In the hope of presenting something new and spring-y and fresh, we thought Habu would be just the thing. 

I can’t tip my hand just yet, but I’ve designed a project that I hope will be appealing, useful and fun to knit. If you’ve never worked with these fibers before, boy, you’re in for a treat! I can say that we chose these two delicious strands:

The first is Shosenshi Linen Tape and the second, Cotton Gima. These are only two of the unusual yarns in the line. Amazingly, Habu spins fibers from materials like stainless steel blended with silk, linen and wool, super-fine copper and silver. These metals can be combined, knitted, then stretched and manipulated into fantastic shapes.

HB_kit78_001I’ve been so taken with these unlikely combinations that, for a long time, I didn’t realize that Habu also produces some luxurious alpace, cashmere and wool yarns in DK and bulky weights, too.

Happy knitting!

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