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Almost done!

What an exhausting couple of weeks! Ladders, drop sheets, rollers, then clean-up, furniture moving, mind-changing, regrouping…gaaaaah! I think it’s been worth it. I think it’s moved toward the simple, mission-y style I’ve been aiming for.

Still to go:

  1. Obviously, drapes. (What a tussle I’ve had with that one). I managed to finally find a great, sheer-ish linen blend to make very simple curtains. That’s tomorrow’s job. 
  2. Pictures. I have it all planned, just have to hang them, with the exception of one wall area where I want to make a photo grouping. I haven’t quite figured that out yet, though.
  3. Upholstery. If you’ll notice, I finished the slip covers! Olive drab no more! I have yet to cover the seats of the dining room chairs, a very simple stapler job for which I have already purchased fabric. There is also a parson’s chair which is indigenous to this church. Some previous owner did a dreadful upholstery job in nasty velvet in what appears to be circa 1972. I have a lovely Waverly Archival fabric for it. These are Wednesday’s tasks.
  4. Odds and ends. I still have two big black-and-white striped sofa cushions to sew. They’re already cut out. And I have a few little bits and bobs I want to add, you know how that goes :)

For Carl’s benefit, I must mention how much I love our new sealed fireplace insert. It is super-efficient and very effective. Done right, I never have to actually light a fire; it has been perpetually lit for about 48 hours so far and burns very, very little wood. Plus, no ash and NO SMELL. Thank you, honey! It was worth every bit of dust and drama :)

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