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The Little Engine That Could

I’m doing it, I’m doing it, I’m really doing it! I’m knitting lace!

Lace Progress

…and so far, so good! It’s a little hard to see…lace is a little bunchy before blocking but I’ve completed 84 rows of the first chart (which is 97 rows in total). I’ve chosen the Haruni and opted for this lovely denim blue over the celery. (I thought she might get more wear out of it). The second chart is where I’ll start placing the beads. Let me tell you, this type of knitting is highly addictive! Though I have knit lace before, this is my first crack at a triangular shawl. I think I’d better look into some blocking wires.

Tequila Sunrise Socks

In a burst of responsibility, I finished the Tequila Sunrise Socks before I began the Haruni (which is a lucky thing because nothin’ is gettin’ done until this project is finished :) Since I had only one skein, these are ankle length and I just love them. The fit is beautiful. I swear I’ll post the pattern tomorrow!

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