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Country MouseOff we go to the county of Prince Edward early tomorrow morning! This photo was taken from the loft/bedroom of the church at Thanksgiving. The building is the little schoolhouse nestled next door to the old Somesville United Church near Demorestville in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

FrontCarl resurrected (pun intended) this poor little church, adding the bedroom loft and making the interior livable. We plan to remove the addition (what a mess!) and add another bedroom, bathroom and a new garage eventually. Northport sideRight now, the priority is to get some insulation into the walls, tuck-point the stone, and generally make it weather-proof so that we can be comfortable there during the winter.

Hwy 49 sideI have some secret plans for the interior. (That’s to be expected.) And I’d love to add a good-sized berm garden in the front near the maple tree to provide some screening from the Northport Road. Since I am NOT a gardener and would like this garden to be virtually maintenance free, I’ll need some help with that one. Perhaps the delightfully green-thumbed cousin Joyce will come from Cobourg and help me??

Dreams aside, this weekend will be all about cleaning up, as the poor little house has been very lonely since Thanksgiving. When we were there last week to turn on the water, a pipe burst in the ceiling and rain fell in my beautiful kitchen :( ¬†Poor Carl had his hands full trying to patch it as the daylight faded. (I am amazed at the things that man can do!) I got a start on vacuuming up all the cobwebs and dead flies but there is much work to be done. The yard (about an acre) is covered in downed twigs and branches brought down by winter weather and the gardens need turning over. I’ll take lots of pictures to post when we return.

Still, I hope to make progress on my Cloud Sweater. (That’s what I’m calling my Mystery Yarn sweater because it’s so light and fluffy. It’s a little like knitting with Kleenex.) I’m beginning to see the wisdom in starting a no-brainer, straight-ahead project. Happy Easter!

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