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Device Cover on Etsy

Sew happy to find these sweet device covers from Sew Wonder on Etsy!

I’ve been an iphone user for quite some time…on both sides of the border. I love it, especially with the new upgraded camera on the 4G. I’ve never been much for apps, though and I guess it never really occurred to me that there might be knitting apps. There are! Tons of ‘em!

Here are some of my favorites.

Vogue Knitting App

 The Vogue Knitting App allows you to keep track of your knitting life easily and efficiently. Store all of your projects—in progress, queued, and finished—with row and stitch counts, needle size and yarn used, and any notes you add for reference.

Jakro Software offers this app in a Pro version for $9.99, but also supports a lite version which is FREE! (The best kind of cheap :) There is also a Ravelry group for JKnit users.

JKnitForget about paper clutter and notes, all the unraveling and rework because you forgot to increase 10 rows earlier, or feeling lost because you haven’t worked on your project for two months. JKnit Pro for iPhone and iPod touch will help you transform any knitting pattern into easy to follow, row-by-row instructions and will reward you with the benefit of comfortable, uninterrupted knitting. Unparalleled professional-grade features and versatility make this one-of-a-kind app a must-have for every knitter.

Here’s one I’m going to download today. I’ve been meaning to buy a counter.

Stitch Minder

StitchMinder is a free stitch counting utility application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The program provides four customizable counters that can be used to track rows completed, pattern rows, increases, and decreases. Counters can be configured to count upwards or downwards, and your counts are always stored when you close the program or if your knitting is interrupted by a phone call. Simply tap on the number to count up or down!

For the new knitwear designer (like me!) this phone-smartener does all your math for you based on measurements you enter. (Avert your eyes, Laura.)

touch and goTouch And Go Knitting (TAG) is the new way to short cut knitting’s biggest pain, MATH. Move beyond scarves and hats. Use one handed with your thumb or finger. When you touch an arrow, a yellow measuring tape instantly appears. Watch as the shapes change on screen while you slid the tape. Lift your thumb …. the sts/row and instructions appear as the yellow tape stores itself away. Being all thumbs is a big advantage with Touch and Go.

How ’bout this stash-buster?

Ewe Stash

Ewe Stash makes it easy for you to add new yarn, needles, or hooks to your stash and sort those items so that you can find everything at a glance. To minimize typing, much of the data for your stash can be inputed using convenient lists and pickers. For the cases where you do have to type, Ewe Stash can offer suggestions based on previous data. You won’t have to keep typing the same things over and over again.

Stuck for a technique? Check out Knitting Tutor.

Knitting Tutor

Instructional step by step videos on learning how to knit.
This is not a static App. These videos are constantly updated by experts in their field. With the explosion of YouTube and other video sharing websites the amount of videos available is more than one person could watch in a lifetime. In this App we have spent a lot of time selecting some of the highest quality and most informative videos available for you to enjoy.

I must say, the mind reels.

(post-script: Though I am a newly-converted Mac user, you’ll notice I’ve linked all of these apps back to PCWorld. Apple, I’m disgusted to find, does not allow image sharing, even when back-linking to the app store. PCWorld allows image and data copies for which I am grateful. Also, most of these apps are also available as Android apps for your Android phone or e-reader.)

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