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Vintage Crew Neck Sweater

I love to knit cables. There is something magical about those intricate, weaving, raised ropes of knitting wandering over a garter stitch ground. And no matter how familiar a cable stitch may be, there is always something of a surprise involved in seeing it spring from the needles. (I love those cute little cable needles, too!)

Cute Cable Needles

I love the infinite variety of cables, those that have already been invented and those that are just a twinkle in a knitter’s eye. Imagine my joy when I discovered Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 2! 

This expansive cable dictionary contains over 200 designs and includes charts and written directions. It is gorgeously photographed and indexed and so easy to use that I instantly began inserting cables into everything.

Two Drunkards Cowl

I started with this silly cowl. I wanted something that I didn’t have to wrap around my neck, something I could just pull over my head and…Wa Lah! Warm! And…it almost worked. The idea was for the top edge to sit right up around my ears (first winter in ten years, remember) and for the lower edge to lay comfortably over the top of my shoulders. I was kinda hoping it would sit flat under my coat, but…well, that’s another post. We’re here to talk about cables.

Isn’t this a wacky little number? This asymmetrical cable wanders unpredictably across the surface…reminds me of a drunk walking home in the snow. Hence, the name.

Drunkard's Cable

What a trip it is to knit! Every twist and turn is a surprise. Because there is no symmetry to this cable, I really had to keep my eye on the chart. (Don’t even think of taking this project to the Knit Cafe on Tuesday night!) My plan is to let the two drunks wander up into a hat, then separate them, allowing each to take his own wobbly path down the backs of my mittens.

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